In the five years of Vision, I have arrived,
Jeans for "living together" rather than jeans for wearing shoes.

He was interested in music and fashion as a child,
At the age of 18, he attended a vocational school in clothing and clothing, and was a souvener in a Bilberry designer.
I was interested in a suit at the time, but it was a doya.
As I study, I will deepen my interest in a wider range of fashion.


After graduation, he got a job at the Leather Baggbrand.
It was the customer's voice to be important.
I spent most of the day in the store,
From within a close communication with the client.
It is the daily life of a thing that should be made to make things.


With the expansion of the brand,
Tsuchiya didn' t only get ' fashion '
In order to widen interest in the coordination of "clothes, food, and housing".




as the next step of itself,
He opened an Italian restaurant in Kamakura.
having not only eaten but also a "time of time" in mind
He insisted on creating space and sold clothes and other miscellaneous goods in the store.


And on a holiday, he invited the repeater to his house.
It is also a time to spend time in fashion or music-rigging.
We have been exchanging information for 10 years,
The middle-aged man is aware of the fact that there are few clothes that he can satisfy.
The world is a fast-fashion fashion.
In particular, the pants field is a slender stretched pants for the younger generation.


with the quality of being worn and contented,
There are few things that you can wear without mind the change of body shape by age.


How long?
"I want to be satisfied with the fashion of people in front of me."
I began to enlist the idea of the thought.


in this generation of blue jeans, the pronoun of youth,
I will make a decision to put my foot in fashion againaaaa.




The material was chosen as a material for Japan, which has a high reputation for its reputation as a Japanese product.
It's a little bit of a silhouette conscious of the body type,
Let' s not be conscious of the collapse, we can enjoy the change of longitude.
I dared to get a little stretch.All the processes are carried out in Japan.


to make the adult men' s fashion a total better,
The design centered on the jacket style is centered around the design.
We prepared four types of lifestyles, such as holidays.


Tsuchiya's idea based on 'Cloth, Food, and Residue' is left untouched.
" It's not just for decoration;
A man with a high sense of living is more attractive.
I want you to be a jeans, a jeans, a day to enjoy it.
I want more men to send more every day.
From now on, I think it is time for the middle age to be increased.
I hope the number of healthy middle-aged men will increase.
We will actively disseminate such content."


The development of jeans,aaaa which is truly satisfactory, took five years of time.
Enjoy the theme of "living" and the contents of our jeans and content.

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